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Noah Street : This too Should be Noted

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

In line with the theme of this site - the full flavor of our experiences - which often happens on streets, I want to include the following points. When my grandmother was still raising me, she would go berry picking with the older ladies in the neighborhood and take me with her. She would make preserves out of what they had picked, and these berry picking escapades were something I enjoyed. Even after my parents moved in, there were happy times on Noah street. For me, none involved my father. There were a few with my mother, like nights when she sat on the front porch swing and taught me old songs, or when we watched the fireflies. There were times, that sometimes included my brother, when I played kickball, hide and seek, and touch football with the neighborhood kids. I played all kinds of jump rope games with the girls, and at one point, I was really good at double dutch jumping. I was often a witch chasing others around. I also had a bike on which I learned to do all kinds of tricks. And as I got older, I loved playing headhunters in what were then woods, where I had my very first kiss. These were the times in my childhood when, as it should be for a child, I was completely in the moment. At the end of the night though, reality would set in when it was time to go inside to what for me, at least, was never a pleasant experience.

I'm not saying that I will never revisit an experience if I have a day on which it's relevant, but I wanted to note the good experiences before I post the summation, because I'm at the point where I know I have fully assimilated these experiences, so these too should be noted.

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