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Messages in Rain


Carol Canfield

Sons and Daughters, all begotten

given, taken, and forgotten

Desecrated, sacred lines

impossible connections

still somehow intertwined

Worlds jealously withheld

imprisoned, guarded rage

a desperate kind of blankness

someday to be quelled

Silent fears

frustrated seeking

missing years

to joyful speaking

A hidden reason

an hermetic why with seal

breathing quietly somewhere

awaiting its reveal

Signs and hints

some quantum intersection

(whispering, bestowing)

some inexplicable communion,

some destined resurrection,

some it shall be reunion

This poem is about not judging people too quickly, because the experience we have with someone is likely one of many that were possible.


Judging Giant Hats




Carol Canfield

We are giant hats

with scraps of paper

written on inside.

And if I draw from you

an ugly piece

I may conclude that

you are full

of faulty pride.

You too may draw

a failed exam

and so assume

my loyalty defective.

Then we have both collected

one for error

because the other scraps

were ne’er by us inspected.

But if we learn

to draw in turn

and not be too demanding,

We may find

that with time

we will have understanding.



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