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Severely abused at home, ran away at 14 without having developed life skills, caught in cycle of survival

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During the winter of 2020, due to circumstances that would sound like a Charles Dickens novel to many, someone very close to me was homeless in a city whose temperatures average in the high teens to low twenties. In an effort to assist, I both reached out to city officials and did everything in my power to assist this person. However, though someone eventually emailed me, it was just to say they were "doing everything they could, working to help people" or some similar generalizations that told me nothing and offered no concrete advice. Also, most of the places where homeless people can usually take shelter were closed down due to the pandemic. At one point, during what were to be some of the coldest nights, I paid for a hotel room for this person. However, when this homeless person arrived to check in, they were turned away due to not being able to provide a credit card-though I had provided my card already. How many homeless people are carrying credit cards? I was able to eventually assist the person in securing very inexpensive shelter for the next few weeks. 

I did later receive a call from a hotel chain representative explaining that although she was sorry (and 'understood' because she had loved ones too, though I doubt they were homeless and freezing during a global pandemic), there was really nothing they could have done because that particular hotel was a franchise and it was left up to the owner to create their own protocols. This whole experience, whether typical or not, highlighted for me the little things that are taken for granted by people who have the basic necessities of life. Also, though people on the street sometimes make poor choices, many of them do so because they're not aware of other choices available to them. There are wildly varying circumstances that lead to homelessness, and for that reason, I will be periodically adding new article links and links to some other charities that focus on other contributing factors.

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